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Meet our leadership team

Bishop Jackson & Lucy Kingori

Senior Pastors of Neema Gospel Church

NGC is a multi-cultural church with diverse people who find harmony and unity in our relationship with God and one another. We believe that true personal growth only happens in a community where an individual is known and loved. We appreciate that we are who we are because of God’s love and forgiveness, not because we deserve it but simply because of His Mercy given through Jesus.

We believe that the “NGC experience” will cause you to come again and again and that you will connect with us throughout your stay and be involved in our ministries and Home Fellowships as indicated in this welcome letter.

Meet the team

Mwaura Mwangi

Associate Pastor

David Kirk

Associate Pastor

Julius Mwangi

Associate Pastor

George Mburu

Admin & Treasurer

Billy Frank

Worship Pastor

Willie Kingori

Young Adults Pastor

Roy Kamau

Youth Pastor